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Dear Dr. Blum & Staff,
There are certain special people in this world who really care, who find joy in helping others, and who have so much to share.

Thanks for the wonderful care you give.

With much appreciation,
Paul & Icilda Kirnon

Dear Rocco,
Just wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent physical therapy service you guys provided me.

It’s rare these days to find service providers that go to such great lenghts to satisfy its customers. Your success will show others that old-fashioned hard work and consideration for customers are values worth rewarding in our society.
All the best…Thanks!


Dear Isaac,
I want to personally and publicly thank you for all your encouragement and positive experience with physical therapy. I started going to you in the 1990’s with a torn meniscus, then arthritis and finally a total knee replacement. It was only because of your incredible knowledge and support that gave me the strenght to go for the surgery. Your enthusiasm and positive energy was all the encouragement I needed and knowing that you would be there to help me with my recovery.

I cannot express my appreciation for the wonderful care I received at Bronx Physical Therapy. Thank you!

Lucy Maiello

Dear Staff at Bronx Physical Therapy,
I am writing this letter to say thank you for the wonderful care I received while attending your facility from Thursday 5/29 to Friday 7/11/14. I had surgery on Wednesday 5/21 and my surgeon suggested Bronx Physical Therapy. So I made an appointment and from the first day I realized I made the right choice. From the people up front, to the people in the back, I was greeted each day with a warm smile and a friendly voice. I was assigned to Rocco. He worked me hard every day which is what I needed, and in only a short time I was back to work and exercising again. I would definitely recommend Bronx Physical Therapy to anyone who was looking for the right therapist to begin the healing process. Thank you Rocco, for making therapy fun, and for not letting me give up on myself.

Patricia Caccamo-Deluca

“Thank you for treating Nicky Yanazuka.  As you know, Nicky is the youngest Judo Olympian in the United States, your treatlment allowed him to compete again.”

Ollympian Coach
International Judo Coach

“You are one special group and your kindness will never be forgotten.”

R.R.  Bronx, NY

“…… you people are the best there is!”

L.M.  Bronx, NY

“The professional, compassionate care I received from this facility, ‘Bronx Physical Therapy,’ is incapatably outstanding.  Where else can one go to receive care and be made to feel so individually special, while reaching the goals of rehabilitation.  I recommend this facility as a prime example of how physical rehabilitation should be.”

B.C. Bronx, NY

“Thanks……..and with love. With your loving care and affection, helped a 94 year-old woman want to live again.”

C.G. Past resident of Provident Rest NH